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Dimming 200W Submersible LED Fishing Lights IP68 Waterproof Vessels Lighting


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200W Underwater LED Fishing Lights,
AC85-305V , DC12-24V input voltage ,
Green , White , Blue are okay ,
5 years warranty .

Dimming 200W Submersible LED Fishing Lights IP68 Waterproof Vessels Lighting


Dimming waterproof submersible LED fishing lights for vessels lighting have green , blue , white and other color can be offered according to your requirements . And mixed color is ok , too . Blue is from 380nm to 495nm , green is from 510nm to 570nm , white is from 3000K to 10000K . 12-24VDC power supply can be offered , is usually used in some boats and vessels , solar systems , car power , and so on . The input voltage can be also in AC85-305V from Taiwan Meanwell driver .

The lamp have high luminous efficiency , which is over 110lm/W from test report of lamp . It is because we use high quality LED and power supply . There is an automatic temperature control on power supply , which can adjust it in the on-off state according to the temperature . It can make the lamp working in right temperature in long lifetime .


Model No.


LED Power


LED Source


Luminous Flux

Blue : 10,000lm

Green : 22,000lm

White : 22,000lm

Net Weight


Product Size ( L*W*H)


Light Body Material

316 Stainless steel , PC & PUR cable

LED Chip

USA Bridgelux

Driver Brand

Taiwan MeanWell Driver HLG Series

Input Voltage

AC85-305V / AC310-500V / DC12-24V



Power Factor

> 0.95


< 15%

Luminous Efficiency

Green : 110lm/W ; Blue : 50 lm/W ; White : 110 lm/W

Light Efficiency

> 90%

LED Temperature

70℃±10% ( Ta = 25℃ )

Operating Temperature

-30℃ to 50℃

Storage Temperature

-30℃ to 65℃

Color Temperature

Green : 510-570nm ; Blue : 380-495nm ; White : 3,000-10,000K

Color Rendering Index

Ra > 80

Light Distribution Curve

Round optical spot

Lighting Angle

360 degree

IP Rating


Economical Lifetime

> 50,000 Hrs


Horizontal or vertical installation




5 years ( first 2 years free, next 3 years cost for parts )


Our driver used for submersible LED fishing light has the protection of overheating , overvoltage and overcurrent . It is IP65 waterproof and in constant voltage and constant current output , very good for LED .

There are the hooks in this IP68 LED lights for easy to install and use , to hang the weight on a hook to make the lights sink easily , ot to hang fishing lures attacting fishes , or hang a chain to protect the lamps and easily adjust the position of the lamp underwater .

The lamp housing is in 316 stainless steel , which has molybdenum . So its corrosion resistance , atmospheric corrosion resistance and high temperature strength are particularly good . It is marine special material and can be used under harsh conditions .

The fishing light for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface system can be supplied . For DALI can optimize an intelligent lighting control system , monitor the working condition of every lamp . So it will be easy to manage these fishing lamps .


Night Light Underwater night light in the rivers , lakes and sea can lure the fish and the insects for fish .It would multiply the size of the annual catch many times

Fishing Lure Every kind of the fish has different reaction to the different colors of light .The lights can be as the fishing lures , to attracting more fish to close the fishing area . It would make the catch as two times as before .

Fishery The fishing light is widely applied in fishery , such as salmon farming . It can simulate natural light and create most superior optic environment , which can make fish feel safe , comfortable and joyful . Living the this comfortable surroundings, fish will eat and intake more food , then grow faster . Adopting LED fishing lights, it will greatly promote the growth of fish , shorten growing period and dramatically increase the yield of fish .

Further Information:

Fish farming is referred to as aquaculture and includes raising fish for industrial purposes in enclosures or tanks, often for food. This aquaculture can also be specified as releasing young fishing lure light into the water to supplement the numbers of a species or for leisure fishing. For fish farms, choosing the suitable LED fish light is a must to help smooth the fishing trip. For underwater fishing lights, we provide fish corn light, fish bar light and fish tube light for those professional fishermen and fish farmers. Made of 316L stainless steel, with PUR cable and IP68 rating, those lights can withstand the terrible environment under deep sea for over 5 years.

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