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cnc wood machinery for rotary and flat engraving


Condition: new
Brand Name: COSEN CNC
Warranty: ONE YEAR
Price: USD 7000.00/set
MOQ: 1 set


Wood lathe is one of the common equipment that apply in furniture industry and wooden decorative art & craft industry. It mainly use in processing all kinds of shaping retro-rotary work-piece with template or copy shaper for example round bar,whorl pillar Rome pillar,crystal pillar,whorl wood line,wooden stair banister and the back of solid wood chair.

Our Machine:

1. This machine with one spindle, one chuck and one backlash. This model support upgrade to two chucks and two backlash. You can mount on material to two chucks and compelete the work piece simultaneously. One operator could run 2-3 pcs of cnc wood lathe at the same time for saving salary cost.
2. Most Advanced Material Loading Skill: When you load workpiece to cnc wood lathe, you do not have to fix workpiece on the chuck, then get the other edge of workpiece to find the center. And we loade the workpiece to machine, machine 4 points could help to find the center. And it only takes 3 seconds for whole material loading material, with higher precision then auto loading. When you process larger diameter vase, you could use auto cutter and adjustable air-cylinder, this improve the workpiece surface finish and last the cutter life time. The center supporter fix workpiece center when it is under the condition of self weight. This workpiece center fixing way is with higher precision.
3. Easily Programming. Usually, programing is the important step before working, and this is also a time-spending work.COSEN cnc wood lathe program assits you to reduce this time and improve working efficiency for more benefit.COSEN CNC programing could be processed with photo. When photo is taken then scan, then could get into programming automatically;Meanwhile you can use COSEN CNC software to design any model to programme. And you can measure, change size,stop to amend if you would like in the PC directly.


LATHE MODEL CNC315S/315K/315W CNC415S/415K/415W CNC425S/425K/415W
Max Processing Size 1500x300mm 1500x400mm 2500x400mm
Spindle Power 4kw 4kw 5kw
Quantity of Spindle 1 1 1
Quantity of Tools 2 2 2
Max Feed Speed 35mm/s 35mm/s 35mm/s
Spindle Speed 0-3500rpm 0-3500rpm 0-3500rpm
Accuracy 0.001mm 0.001mm 0.001mm
Control System CNC,PC+12"LCD Or DSP CNC,PC+12"LCD Or DSP CNC,PC+12"LCD Or DSP
Support Command International G Code International G Code International G Code
Software Coreldraw,Artcam,Type3,Ucancam,Caxa,UG,Mastercam,AutoCAD
Voltage 380V/50HC 380V/50HC 380V/50HC
Machine Dimension 2750x1200x1300mm 2750x1300x1400mm 3750x1300x1400mm
Weight 1500kgs 1500kgs 2000kgs

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cnc wood lathe machine for woodworking with high precision...

Binzhou COSEN CNC Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd.

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