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Sell Light Steel Scenic House

origin: China (Mainland)
packaging: Bundling
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China 2016 Hot Sell Light Steel Scenic House with High-Quality, Leading 2016 Hot Sell Light Steel Scenic House Manufacturers & Suppliers, find 2016 Hot Sell Light Steel Scenic House Factory & Exporters.

2016 Hot Sell Light Steel Scenic House Quick Installation The construction of light gauge steel house completely achieves the factory prefabrication and on-site assemblage. The whole building process is under dry construction which is ecofriendly and convenient. The quick installation helps recovery money rapidly of all the light gauge steel real estate projects. Light steel metal building home villa seismic performance is far better than the traditional concrete and brick house. At the same time, thelight steel structure, light weight. so that the foundation treatment, convenient and suitable for most geological conditions. it has beautiful appearance, energy saving and environmental protection, quick to build, light weight, high space utilization, heat insulated, fire-proof resistance and warm keeping, Stable and can resistat least 8 grade earthquake and 60m/s hurricance. Easy construction and very beautiful appearance based on defferent designs. Advantages: 1. Energy Saving And Quick Assemble: The Wall and roof adopt new energy saving and environmental material, making a Completely closed weatherproof system, avoiding [Cold bridge" effect,small temperature changing,low heat conduction and prominent energy saving effectwhich can meet the updated standard of over 65% energy-saving. 2. Environment Friendly: During construction, the mainly dry construction is used at working site, saving water. 100% steel frame material is recyclable. 3. Low Cost: The wall thickness of LGS steel structure building is only half of brick wall, so the usable floor area can reach 92%. Compared to the traditional brick, the floor area increases 10%. It s also with flexible partition and high utilization. Material list of different part

Metal Scenic House, Light Steel Frame Villa House, Light Steel Cottage Home,

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