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Introduce of Thrilling Theme Park Rides Suspended Roller Coaster

Suspended Roller Coaster is a type of roller coaster where the car hangs from the bottom of the rolling stock by a pivoting fulcrum or hinge assembly. This allows the car and riders to swing side to side as the train races along the track. Due to its swing designs, the suspended coasters have the ability to swing freely with lateral g-forces.

Silkroad Culturaltainment Equipment have manufactured many roller coasters below:

Suspended Roller Coaster, Four Loops Roller Coaster, Vertical Roller Coaster, Boomerang Roller Coaster, Small Suspended Roller Coaster, Three Loops Roller Coaster, Mine Roller Coaster, Small Three Loops Roller Coaster, Flying Roller Coaster, Motorized Roller Coaster, Magic Roller Coaster, Reciprocating Roller Coaster, Spinning Coaster

Parameters of Thrilling Theme Park Rides Suspended Roller Coaster

Height 32m
Length of Orbit 800m
Voltage 380V/220V,50HZ
Power 202KW
Speed 77km/h
Car 10 pcs
Riders 20 Riders
Area 143*77m

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