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Kiosk Manufacturer for Custom Self service kiosk terminals


Price: USD 2000.00/unit
MOQ: 1 unit


Customized Self service kiosk terminals with required functions and target budget

Self service kiosk terminals, generally with touch screen, industrial computer and speakers.

Optional to add other hardware devices, like camera, thermal printer, QR code scanner, ID scanner, Passport scanner, Card printer, Card dispenser, Cash acceptor, cash dispenser, cash recycler, card reader, A4 printer, A4 scanner, Mic, digital signature pad, etc., to achieve different functions, such as: new card issue, old card renewal, card vending, insurance vending, currency exchange, money deposit, money withdrawal, service apply, video conference, utilities payment, access control, personal information update, information inquiry, way finding, directory, free Hotspot, advertising display.

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Shenzhen TopGood Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

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