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ZQD-5W Self-driving rotor precise pisitioning dynamic balancing machine


mass scope of workpiece(g): 5
the maximum outer diameter of workpiece (mm): Φ350
heigh of workpiece (mm): Φ180
Price: USD 12975.00/set
MOQ: 1 set


It is mainly applied to the dynamic balancing test of fan blades, water pump impeller, oil fume machine wind wheel, flywheel, grinding wheel, saw blade, chuck, saw blade, brake and so on. The machine can also be reinstalled according to user demand.

type:ZQD-5WS name:whole self-driven (double-side horizontal) balancing machine
specification parameter
mass scope of workpiece(g) 5
the maximum outer diameter of workpiece (mm Φ350
heigh of workpiece (mm) Φ180
min achievable residual unbalance amount (e mar ≤3.5g·mm/Kg
rate of reduct unbalance(U RR% 95%


Since the drive the whole machine balancing design unique professional jig according to the actual

artifacts, fully considering the characteristics of components, eliminate the production of the component

assembly secondary balance error, reduce the bearing parts assembly error caused by the unbalance.

Simulate the actual state of action, reduce the error to the minimum.

automatic positioning balancing machine,

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soft support precise positioning balancing machine...

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