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OEM professional amusement park rides ferris wheel for sale



Ferris Wheel is and amusement ride consisting of a large upright wheel rotating on a fixed stand and having seats around its rim suspended freely so that they remain right side up as they revole. Silkroad Culturaltainment Equipment Inc. design and make three types of ferris wheel--Dutch Windmill Type, Truss Type, Support Arm Spole Type. The truss type has four models with height 30m, 42m, 50m, 65m.

Technical Parameters:
Total Height: 42m
Rotary dimeter: 37m
Qty of Gondolas: 28pcs
Passenger: 28x4=112 pers
Run Time: 8.5m/r
Power: 16KW
Drive Model: Mechanical Transmission
Covering Area: 22m*28m

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Shanghai Silkroad Theme Park Rides Co., Ltd.

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