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origin: Jining city,Shandong province,China
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China Truck Mounted Cranes/Construction Mahine/Mobile Equipment with High-Quality, Leading Truck Mounted Cranes/Construction Mahine/Mobile Equipment Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Truck Mounted Cranes/Construction Mahine/Mobile Equipment Factory & Exporters.

Truck Mounted Cranes/Construction Mahine/Mobile Equipment Construction mobile cranes is much like a track crane without the tracks. A crane truck places the crane boom onto a truck chassis with rubber tires. This allows the truck crane to operate on public streets and to be driven to a work site on its own without needing to be trailered. A crane truck has outriggers which are deployed when working with the boom that keep the crane level and stable. Without the outriggers, the crane would be limited on the amount of weight it could lift-it would only be able to accommodate the amount of weight the tires could support without blowing out. working principle of Truck Crane Mobile Equipment: Inside the boom there is a rotating reel, which is wound around the rope and the rope passes through the pulley on the top of the lower arm, pulls the upper boom, and so on. When retracted, the reel retracts the wire rope and the boom retracts under heavy duty. The rotary drum is driven by a hydraulic motor, so you can see two tubing, but do not treat the cylinder. There are also some of the truck crane telescopic arm inside the installation of a set of plunger-type cylinder, but this application is rare. Because the multi-stage plunger cylinder is expensive, and the boom will be loaded when the elastic bending, the life of a great impact on the cylinder. Truck Cranes Construction features by high stability, advanced design, multiple functions and ease of operation. With ultra-long and super strong boom system,Sany truck cranes have super lifting capacity. The adjustable hydraulic system and intelligent electric control system make the truck cranes in high efficiency and low fuel consumptions. Technical Parameter model FE-8B Working parameter Max lifting load kg 8000 Max lifting height m 35/40 Basic arm Max.load moment KN.m 200 Working speed single rope Max. speed m/min 52 swiveling speed r/min 2.8 Rideability Max climbing capacity % 30 Min.turning radius M 10 speed Km/h ≤60 Dimension parameter Outer dimension m 7.5*2.0*2.8 Outrigger span m 5.0*4.8 Chassis parameter model 4102 power kw 51 Detail photos of construction truck crane

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