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SK 100 Hot Sale Embroidery Spray Adhesive for Fabric/clothing

SK 100

Size: 600ML/390G
Bonding: Temporary
Main ingredient Operation time: 45 Min
Price: USD 1.12/PCS
MOQ: 1200 PCS


Name:SK 100 Embroidery Spray Adhesive
Item No.:SK-100
Size:600 ML /390G
Effect time:30-60 Seconds
Spray pattern:Fog Shape
Operation time:45 minutes

Here are a few excellent spray adhesives on the market which work very well and do not clog up your machine.

The most common use for spray adhesive is for applique. If you have a paper, cardboard or even a plastic pattern for your applique, you can use spray adhesive to keep your pattern secure during cutting and placing. This allows you to spray the adhesive on the back of the pattern and place it on the right side of your fabric. You can also use a double sided fusing

Sprayidea Embroidery Spray adhesive can also be used to position garments or items that cannot be hooped. These can include caps, purses, bags, small items that are smaller than your smallest hoop.


Sprayidea SK-100 Embroidery Spray Adhesive is widely used in computer embroidery industry, it’s super quality can be used on children' wear, underwear, nylon or other thin fabric and white fabric.

1.Super viscosity: suitable for all kinds of different fabrics;
2.The operation time is long, keep the viscosity in 30 minutes, ensure workers have plenty of time for operation, not need to repeat spray ;

3. Easy to use: only gently press the nozzle spray, no need brushing the glue;
4.White-transparent glue, low permeability, low residue, yellowing resistance, particularly suitable for the material of higher requirements for glue, such as white paper, fabric paste;
5.Environmental protection products:No formaldehyde, Freon, benzene etc., SGS tested.

1.Please shake well before use.
2.The distance of spraying to the adhesive surface is 20-30 cm.
3.Paste the material on the surface after 15 seconds.
4.After using please keep the can down, spray about 2 to 3 seconds to avoid nozzle clogged.
5.If the nozzle clogged, use alcohol or other solvents to clean.

1.Pressurized packaging, explosion may happen in high temperature, keep space ventilation.
2.Avoid close to heat, fire and avoid direct sunlight for a long time.
3.Do not store at 49 ℃ above, recommended temperature is less than 30 ℃.
4.Please keep the children away from it.
5.When the adhesive contacted with skin or eyes, please clean with water, serious please go to the doctor immediately.
6.The user's responsibility to determine whether the products suitable for the specific purpose when never use this product before. before use, it’s better test on the sample materials.

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