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Semi automatic aluminium foil rewinder machine


Price: USD 1000.00/1
MOQ: 1 1


This machine is one of top seller model for rewinding jumbo roll of aluminium foil into small house roll,catering roll,kitchen foil roll etc,the length setting is every flexible from 2meter to 600meter etc.
It is controlled by PLC unit,speed is by inverter.By touch screen operation,the user only need to put the length setting,It is with Chinese-English interchange for display.Tension control is at automatic device, The break system adopts magnetic power is at 50NM, to ensure the jumbo roll steady break control.With additional requirement,the machine can work for cling film rewinding as 2 in 1 model.By 2 shaft automatic changing,it is very work efficient,less labor involved.
Main data:
Total power 2.2kw
Speed 600rpm/min max
Unwind roll width 300/450/600mm
Unwind roll core diameter 3/6inch
Unwind roll outer diameter 600mm max
Finished product width max 600mm
Finished product core diameter 32/35/38/40mm
Finished product length setting 2-600meter

Semi automatic aluminium foil rewinder, semi auto house foil roll rewinding machine,

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