Jiaxing Burgmann import & Export Co., Ltd. is a professional trader with a large range of products that includes mechanical seal, hardware, wedge anchor, die cast, plastic products, tungsten carbide products, needle bearing and steel rod . Our company have own factory over 20years. As a result, we are able to source products that meet the quality and price requirements of our clients. And we have established a good relationship with our clients, most clients have done business with us more than 20 years. We believe in providing good products and excellent service.

We firmly believe : with our joint efforts, Jiaxing Burgmann is becoming the leading exporter in the worlds.

We welcome the customers all over the world to visit our website and share our products in your business.

Let’s grow up together.

Company Name :Jixing Burgmann import &Export Co., Ltd

Established :2015

Major products and services:mechanical seal, wedge anchor, steel rod, die cast, needle bearing, tungsten carbide products, plastic products

In order to improve corporate image, intensify publication to create a good environment for the running and development of our company and show the scale and strength of our company, bettering the external image of our company, the official website will be established soon.

Honesty is the basis, win-win through cooperation

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Tungsten Carbide, Die Casting, Mechanical Seal, Steel Rod, Roller Bearing

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Tel: 86-573-84133388
4th floor Jinyang Road(W), Luoxing Street, Jiashan County, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, China, Zhejiang, China, 314000


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