Yixing Jinlan Chemical CO.,LTD


Next to the Taihu Scenic Area, Yixing Jinlan Chemical Co., Ltd is located in Fangqiao Industrisal Park in Jiangsu, China.
Founded in 1988, Jinlan is an industrial and trade factory.

Main products: green surfactant(alkyl polyglucoside), textile auxiliaries, textile size etc.

APG&APA are our main surfactants, annual output is 5,000 metric tons per year. They are widely used for making shampoo, bubble bath, cleanning lotion, skin care products, dishwashing detergents, cosmetic emulsifiers, hard surface cleaners, industrial cleaners,adjuvants for textiles, pesticide etc.

Auxiliaries includes fine softener JHS, softener 306, amino silicone oil, hardening agent, effective short plush terry softener FSG, high-temperature leveling agent etc.

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Yixing Jinlan Chemical CO.,LTD

Green surfactant: AlkyI polyglucosides

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Tel: 86-510-87587218
Longzhu Road, Fangqiao Industrial Park, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, China, Jiangsu, China, 214264


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