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Anhui Safe Electronics Co., LTD., was founded in February 2007. The company is located in Tongling City, Anhui Province, China, specialized in manufacturing metallized film for capacitor use and metallized film capacitors. Now it’s a member of CCOIC.

Our quality management system are certified by ISO9001 and our products have CQC, TUV, UL, VDE and other performance certifications, compliance with EU RoHS directive, with SGS report. The company has a powerful R & D team, a total of nearly 80 patents, including twelve invention patents. It has established a close cooperation relationship with Anhui Province Optoelectronic Applied Engineering Technology Research Center . Our company was awarded “National High-tech Enterprise” for three consecutive period in 2012, 2015 and 2018. In November 2014, the trademarks of company’s two future products, “Saifu” for film capacitor and “SF” for capacitor film was rated as provincial “Famous Trademark”. On Dec 18, 2014, our company put public listing on Anhui Equity Exchange Center (stock code: 700169). In 2016, Standard pilot enterprise of Provincial two-integrated management system. In 2017, our company was awarded the honor of "Anhui E-Commerce Demonstration Enterprise” and ”Anhui Digital Workshop", was selected "Anhui Small and Micro Growing Enterprise", and Anhui Province Manufacturing and Internet Integration Development Pilot Enterprise. 2018 National Intellectual Property Advance Enterprise. The company leader Mr. Zhou Feng was awarded the Leading Talent of Innovation And Entrepreneurship of Anhui Province.

The company now has 3 high-vacuum coating machines, 9 high-speed Slitting machines, 6 winding machines and four-gun gold spray system and other automatic equipments.

Main products: metallized film for capacitor use, CBB65(CBB61/60) AC motor capacitor and the SFPEC series of power electronics capacitors. The Dry DC filter capacitor of SFPEC series was rated as "High-tech Products in Anhui Province".

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Anhui Safe Electronics Co., Ltd

Metallized Film for Capaitor Use,Metallized Film Capacitor

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Tel: 0086-0562-2821018
No.1771 Qifeng Road, Shizishan National High Technology Zone, Tongling, Anhui, China, Anhui, China, 244000


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