Ganzhou Green Top Biological Technology Co.,Ltd.


Ganzhou Green Top Biological Technology Co.,Ltd., was launched in 2015 to satisfy the growing demand for the natural raw materials of humic acid that make organic growing possible.

We pride ourselves on delivering materials certified organic by China Certification&Inspection (Group) Co., Ltd (CCIC) as well as by the SGS Group(SGS), an international inspection organization that was internationally acknoledged for assuring production and processing quality. Green Top's products are strictly produced under organic operation programs.

Green Top's customers include farmers large and small across all China's 23 Provinces as well as fertilizer factories &end users from countries in Asia,Europe ,Africa,etc., who choose our products for their quality and affordable prices as well as for our company’s commitment to quick and attentive customer service.

Green Top has been dedicated in working as a leading global provider of organic bulk fertilizers, raw materials, solutions and other products for organic growers and the organic agriculture industry.

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Ganzhou Green Top Biological Technology Co.,Ltd.


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