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Shanghai Lixinjian Centrifuge Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer for the perfect high quality centrifuge and lab instruments, exporting products with good quality and competitive price in Shanghai China.

We supply  vortex Mixer, Shaker, Stirrer, laboratory centrifuge, Heamatocritic centrifuge, blood bank centrifuge, high speed centrifuge, low speed centrifuge, refrigerated centrifuge, micro centrifuge, bench-top centrifuge, floor centrifuge, and other laboratory instruments.

They have been widely used in various tertiary institution, research institutions, bio-pharmaceuticals, blood centers, hospital and many other fields at all level. By virtue of professional standards and sophisticated technologies used in the automation field of laboratory apparatus, it raise rapidly in the field of lab. they are very welcome by various tertiary institutions, research institutions, bio-pharmaceutical, blood centers, hospital and many other fields at all levels.

We are CE, SFDA Certified. OEM orders are available.

We are always adhering to the quality principle. You will easily find they are very welcome by France, United Kingdom, Romania, Spain, Brazil, Austrian, America, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and so on.

“CUSTOMERS ConCERNS COME FIRST” is our loyal motto. Great efforts are being made to improve quality and services. We desire for cooperation with enterprise home and abroad in respect of economy and technology. Welcome to join us!

Lab Centrifuge 4,500rpm Benchtop Centrifuge PRP kit Centrifuge

Model: L-450 Max. speed: 4500rpm Max. RcF: 2850*g Max. Capacity: angle rotor 24*10/5ml, 18x 7/10ml, 12*20/15ml, 6x 50ml swing-out rotor 8x 15ml, 4x 50ml, 2*2*15ml +2*50ml Timer Range :1 min~99 min Brake: Automatic Motor: Brushless motor Speed accuracy: ±50r/min Noise ≤65dB (A) Finish: Body ABS once completed, Construction: ABS rotor or stainless steel rotor Weight 18 kg Dimension: 39*43*54 cm Power consumption drive:120W Voltage 110V or 220~240V, centrifuge supplier, centrifuge china

Lab Centrifuge 4,500rpm Benchtop Centrifuge Brushless Motor 8 x 15ml

Model: L-450A Max.speed: 4500 rpm Max. RCF: 2420*g Max. Capacity: Angle rotor 12x 10ml, 12x 7/5ml, 8x 20ml,8*15ml, Timer Range: 1sec~99 mins Brake: Automatic Motor: Brushless motor Safety system: Yes Speed accuracy: ±50r/min Noise ≤65dB (A) Finish: Body ABS once completed, Construction: ABS rotor Dimension: 34×32×33 cm Weight:7.5 kg Power consumption drive:90W Voltage 110/240V, centrifuge supplier, centrifuge china

Mini centrifuge 500rpm- 12, 000rpm,

Model: Mini- L Speed: 500~12000rpm±5% Max. RCF: 9660 g Increase speed: 500rpm Rotor style: Mini-L-A-1: Composite rotor 24×1.5/2.2 & 4×8×PCR0.2 Mini-L-A-2: PCR Angle rotor 4 ×12×PCR0.2 Mini-L-A-3: Angle rotor 4×5ml Mini-L-A-4: Rotor 12× capillaries Mini-L-A-5: Angle rotor 4 × 5/1.8/1.1 ml Display: LED display; Time range: 1-99min./1-59sec. Acceleration time: 12 seconds Deceleration time: 16 seconds Noice ≤47dB Dimension: 194×229×120 (mm) Weight 2 kg Voltage AC85-264V/50/60Hz, centrifuge manufalcturer, centrifuge china

Lab Centrifuge 5,000rpm horizontal rotor Table top LED Display 8 x 50ml, 32x 15ml

Model: L-500 Max. speed: 5000 rpm Max. RCF: 4980*g Max. Capacity: 32*15ml, 4x 50ml, 4x 100ml, 8x 50ml, 32x 5ml, 48x 7ml, 2×2×96Hole Timer Range: 1 min~99 min Brake: Automatic Motor: Frequency motor Speed accuracy: ±50r/min Noise ≤65dB (A) Finish: Body ABS once completed, Construction: Special Aluminum rotor Dimension: 63*53*45 cm Weight: 33 kg Power consumption drive: 400W, centrifuge manufalcturer, centrifuge china

Centrifuge with Timer & Speed Control Details 4000rpm (XC-2000)

Model XC-1000 Features: 1) Speed: approximately 4,000rpm 2)Capacity: 6×15ml;6×10ml;6×7ml 3)Max. RCF: 1795g 4) Time range: 1-60 min timer with no time set option Time can be set for 1-60 minutes and includes a hold function for longer spins Variable one touch programming with LED display panel Memory function: remembers last operation settings 5) Voltage: 110v—60hz or 220v—50hz 6)Power: 50w 7) Shipping weight: 13 lbs, centrifuge manufalcturer, centrifuge china

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