Founded 2 decades ago, Anyang General International Co., Ltd (AGICO) has been providing railway fastening solutions for worldwide railway road constructions, which mainly supplies rail fasteners, fish joint, rail track and other rail fastening system parts.

At present, AGICO is a trust parner of CRCC (China Railway Construction Corporation ), and railway products are manufactured according to ISO9000:2008 and has been recognized by China Railways Production Certification Center.

Main Products

  • Rail fasteners: rail bolt, rail fish plate, rail tie plate, screw spikes, elastic rail clips, rail anchors, rail shoulders, rail bolts, rail pads.
  • Rail joints: standard rail joint, compromised rail joint, joggled rail joint and Fish bolt.
  • Rail track part: according to application: rail track for light rail, heavy rail and crane rail; according to country: American standard railway, BS standard railway, UIC standard railway, JIS standard railway, EN standard railway, Din standard railway, Grooved Rail, Indian standard railway, Australian standard railway and South African standard railway.
  • Railway Fastening system types: E Clip Rail Fastening System, Nabla Clip Rail Fastening System, SKL Clip Rail Fastening System, KPO Clamp Rail Fastening System, fist rail fastening system, fast clip rail fastening system

Lastest Products

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Rail Fasteners and Fishplate

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