Metalized Film Packaging Roll

We often using small plastic bags to pack food, sauce, medicines, shampoo and cosmetics,how to improve the work efficiency of product' s packaging? using Packaging Film in Rollis a very good choice , this kind of film roll can be packed wit

c Single Drum Vibratory Roller

Shantui 12.0 Ton Drum Vibratory Roller,This is a muscular, single-drum roller primarily employed for compacting middle layers. It features a Dana drive system and hydraulic clutch actuating system for clutch disengagement, and is powered by

Cable Ground Pulling Roller

Cable Ground Pulling Roller Product SpecificationItem No.Model No.Rated Load(KN)Carrier StructureWeight(kg)0394SHL15Casting Aluminum Carrier5.40395SHL1N53.60396SHL1B5Steel Plate Carrier5.50397SHL1BN53.70398SHL1G5Steel Pipe Carrier5.10399SHL

glass Insect Screen Gross Roll

Fiberglass Insect Screen Gross Roll, Fabric for insect protection applications, durable and resistant to UV and weathering, dimensionally stable, will not unravel, offering high transparency and air permeability.Reliable protection from ins

d Double Drum Compactor Roller

Applications of ZM-1800 Mini Soil Road Double Drum Compactor RollerWe provide all kinds of road roller such asSoil Compactor Roller, Mini Road Roller Compactor, Double Drum Compactor Roller, Vibratory Roller,Roller Compactor,Walk Behind Rol

esive Packing Tapes Jumbo Roll

OPP Self Adhesive Packing Tapes Jumbo RollOPP Adhesive Packing Tapes Jumbo Roll in transparent is usually for logistic packing,super market packing,school packing etc. Self Adhesive Packing Tapes Jumbo Roll,OPP Packing Tapes Jumbo Roll,any