Foshan Wispac Machinery Co., Ltd


Foshan Wispac Machinery CO., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of food packaging machines. Its located in Foshan Guangdong, China .



From the spirit of offer the turnkey packaging solution line that gave birth to our company, which consist of over 10 years experience software engineer , mechanical engineer and after-sales service engineer in same industrial before. They contributes all of 100% energy , attention, heart and technical skills in multihead weigher ,vertical packaging machine, check weigher , linear weigher and all related packing machinery once they join the Wispac big family .



Our primary goal at Wispac is your complete satisfaction in usage of our machine and our one-stop service in pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales with our professional team& our sincerity heart. We continuously our great effort for offer the high precision products that increase itself elaborate, high efficient and stable.



We establish long term and smooth conversation & discussion between customers and our team of management, designers and specialized technicians with great cooperation and experience exchange . Our technical department makes good use of valued feedback and suggestion from customer . thanks to that , our machine improve step by step and occupy the smile satisfaction from our dear customers and friends . thank you very much, we are on the way!  


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Foshan Wispac Machinery Co., Ltd

Packing mchine manufacturer for food factory

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Tel: 86-757-86661852
Zhongyou Road, Sanshui District ,, Guangdong, China, 528100


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