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As the biggest aerosol manufacturer in Asia, Dongguan Dayang Aerosol chemical technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2000 year. It is the first Chinese enterprise with independent R&D Department and manufacturing integration. This company has three branches in Beijing, Suzhou, and Hongkong. In addition, the factory buildings take up 120000 square meters, the company team is over 150 persons, and the annual output of aerosol products is more than 70 million of bottles.

The main product in Dayang are Embroidery Spray Adhesive,Multi Purpose Spray Adhesive,Sponge Spray Adhesive,Spray Spot Liter,Spray Adhesive Remover,Lubricant Oil,Polyurethane Foam Spray etc which mainly applied to textile&garment, building&decoration, wind power, automotive interior, acoustic materials, aerospace facilities, HVAC, heat screen printing etc. Soon we will have some other patterns aerosol products which can fulfill the domestic blank market

based on the business philosophy of Make foundation with character, cast brand with integrity, Dayang has  always  been striving to offer energy-saving, emission-reducing, environment-friendly, healthy, and convenient products to thousands of customers since its foundation. Your satisfaction is the most powerful source to us.

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Dongguan Dayang Aerosol Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


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