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Our company is a professional producer of brand height-increase shoes (or called ) . We have been in this business for ten years, and still remain to be the only one in China who owns factory to run the production under the protection of patent rights.

The Month output reaches 3000 pairs. More than 100 new styles come out each season. The product
style covers Dress Casual, Sandals, Boots and Extra-Increase series.

We have been spreading our products into U. S. A. , U. K. , Korea, Southeast Aisa and other oversea markets since 2001. Our products are absolutely different from other heightening shoes in the market where they have separated soles stuffed clumsily to achieve the effect of height increase. By contrast, our heighten soles are cleverly built into the shoes which are nicely concealed without compromising any comfort.

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Skye Trade Co,. Ltd

men height increasing shoes

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Tel: 18077768258
Qinzhou, yang fan da dao, Dong fang hao ting, Guangxi, China, 535000


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