Shenzhen SKYBEST Electronics Sales Department


SKYBEST is a high-tech company focus on IP Camera and NVR solution for R&D, Manufacturing, Sales and Service since 1999. We have provided millions of high quality, customized products for thousands customers from worldwide, including OEM and ODM services.

We had forwarded our production lines into Chongqing City in 2013, in the middle of China, 1,500KM far from Shenzhen. Our plant is covering 10,000 square meter with 6 modernized SMD production lines, 300 staffs and providing 300K production
capability per month. We also established the quality control system and approval with ISO 9001 : 2000 certificate.

With headquarters in Shenzhen, of which is for Sales, R&D and Service team, we will provide fast respond on customized design on ODM/OEM service, and with chip set level design capability to allow customers to apply with different application and meet with different demand on technical and market.

The latest product SKYBEST SKY-P3 is an intrinsically safe designed explosion proof EX flashlight with HD camera. Using the latest technology to give excellent video recording, primary LED and reliable for safe used in zones 1 and 2. With built-in WIFI module, support smartphone and PC connection.

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Shenzhen SKYBEST Electronics Sales Department

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Tel: 86-755-21000893
406-408, Yuanmen Tech.Building, Minle Tech.Park, Meiban Road, Minzhi Street, Longhua New District, Guangdong, China, 518131


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