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Shandong Tongri Power Science and Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer for digit-control machine tool and paper-product equipment. In 1990, we began to manufacture textile bobbin and spiral paper tube with Hao Li Factory from Taiwan in the form of joint venture. In 1992 we developed semi-automatic conical and spiral paper tube production line which is sold throughout the whole country with our advanced technology, processing method, excellent product quality and high-level service.

  In 2006, we developed QZD-68 automatic conical paper tube production line after the absorption of German and South Korean technology. The new machine is coming with mechatronics to achieve low-labor, low-consumption, high-efficiency, high-quality paper tube production.

  In 2017, we developed all new automatic conical paper tube production line-TRZ-2017 after leaning from advanced experience and improving our current model. The efficiency has been improved to a whole new level.

  We have almost 30 years machinery manufacturing and processing experience.

  We have nearly 20 years paper tube and bobbin manufacturing experience.

  We’ll provide you excellent package of paper tube production line and extensive experience.

Product advantage

  Shandong Tongri Power Science and Technology Co.,Ltd focus on high level equipment manufacturing;supported by digit control and industrial automation technology. We encourage our engineering staff to be creative at all times.

  High quality, rare equipment includes fully hydrostatic, digit-milling machine TK6918*120 and gantry,digit-control boring-milling machine XK2750*220, which can guarantee our high quality manufacturing.

  Science and technology is the first productivity. The design team is the core of modern enterprise. We have 7 senior technician and the team have nearly 20 national intellectual property patents (includes 4 invention patents)and it is still growing.

  Our managing team has more than 20 years experience, which guarantee us the continuous development.

  We focus on high-end products, highest standard of this industry. To be the best is our goal!

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Shandong Tongri Power Science and Technology Co., Ltd.


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