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We mainly supply and export six series of Plastic Auxiliary Machinery,and OEM service is available too.

The First Part, the Drying and Dehumidifying Series: Standard Hopper Dryer, Environmental Friendly Hopper Dryer, Euro-hopper Dryer, Tray Cabinet Dryer, Honeycomb Dehumidifier, Dryer and Dehumidifier 2-in-1, Dehumidifier, Dryer and Loader 3-in-1;

The Second Part, the Dosing and Mixing Series: Volumetric Dosing Mixer, Gravimetric Dosing Blenders, Vertical Color Mixer,Horizontal Color Mixer, Rotary Color Mixer, Vertical Blenders, Horizontal Blenders, High Speed Drying Mixers, Proportional Valves, Linear Vibrating Screen;

The Third Part, Granulating and Recycling Series: Medium-speed Granulator, Low-speed Granulator, High-speed Granulator, Strong Claw Type Crusher, Strong Flat Type Crusher, Strong V Type Crusher,Strong Flake Type Crusher, Soundproof Type Granulator; Crushing Auto Recycling System, Auto Powder Sifing System;

The Fourth Part, Feeding and Conveying Series: Euro Hopper Loaders, Self-contained Hopper Loader, Seperate-vacuum Hopper Loader, High Power Hopper Loader, Powder Hopper Loader, Multi-station Hopper Loader, Venturi Loader, Screw Loader, Central Conveying System;

The Fifth Part, Industrial Chiller Series: Water-cooled water chillers, Air-cooled water chillers, Water-cooled Screw Chillers, Air-cooled Screw Chiller, Explosion-proof Water Chiller, Open Type Water Chiller, Environmental Friendly Chiller, Low Temperature Chiller, Cold and Hot Temperature Controller, Cooling Towers;

The Sixth Part, Mould Temperature Controller Series: Standard Water Mould Temperature Controller, Standard Oil Mould Temperature Controller, High Temperature Water MTC, High Temperature Oil MTC, Die Casting Oil MTC, 2-IN-1 MTC, 3-in-1 MTC;

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