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Variable Speed Screw Compressor With factory price(11kw/15hp)


Dimension: 1100*800*980
Price: USD 2800.00/1
MOQ: 1 1


DHH belt series variable frequency oil-less screw compressors are lower noise, coupling high efficiency, reliable quality.

Shanghai DHH screw compressor features:

1, perfect performance

2, microcomputer controller

3, dhh screw compressor OEM acceptablee

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DBF Series (Belt) Variable FrequencyScrew Compressor Technical Parameters:

Working environment temperature: - 5 °C ~ 45 °C;

The exhaust temperature is less than environment temperature about + 10 °C ~ 15 °C.

Driving mode: belt transmission;

Startup mode: direct start under 11KW, and Y-Δ start above 11KW;

Work power: 380V / 50HZ, 460V / 230V / 6KV and 10KV voltages can be made for customers;

F.A.D volume flow test is according to ASMC PTC9 or ISO1217 standard (GB/T3853).

Variable Frequency air compressor,

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