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Plastic bottles shredder waste plastic shredding recycling machine



Model LRSSM-600
Main shaft power 4-15kw*2
Main shaft rotary speed 30-40rpm
Working capacity 2-5t/h
Weight 3000kg
Number of cutter head 20pcs
Finished chips size 3-10cm
Feeding tank size 0.82*0.9m
Dimension 2.6*2*1.9m

Plastic Shredder Machine also called plastic mill machine or plastic crusher machine is a kind of solid waste volume reduction equipment for environmental protection machinery shredders, tear HDPE high density polyethylene plastic products and materials, to recycle the plastic and recycled plastic particles.

Features Of Plastic Shredder Machine

1. plastic shredding machine consists of three parts, namely, shredding mechanism, bracket and pulling truck. The size of the machine is determined by the size of the material and the amount of material processed.

2. plastic shredding machine internal design filter screen device, when the plastic shredding machine normal work, the filter screen plays the role of separation of materials and liquids, effectively residual liquid on the bottle re-use.

3. such as the crushing of gasoline bottles, the effective separation and reuse of residual gasoline. The plastic shredding machine has the advantages of small size and convenient movement; manual operation is simple and safe; the built-in garbage bag is provided with lock fixing, stable and uneasy to slide, and the equipment is firm and durable.

The plastic shredder is suitable for crushing materials as follows

Shredding machine knife thickness is divided into 15mm, 20mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, according to the size of the object after crushing, to select the cutter body.

Waste plastics: hoses, curtains, credit cards, packaging, kettles, soft materials, films, pipes and wires, cables, insulation and sheathing, hose or toothpaste hoses

Tires: car tires, truck tires

Waste wood: wooden pallets, plastic pallets, pallet truck

Waste metal: automobile shell, aluminum alloy, waste aluminium casting parts, engine shell, lead and steel plate with thickness below 5mm

Paper: newspaper, magazine, books and magazines, or binding line letterhead paper, paper and other publicity

Solid waste: plastic beverage cans, plastic barrels, drums, packing box, packing barrel

Industrial waste: large pipes, pipe fittings, PE pipes

Electronic waste: refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, television and other household appliances and computers, communications, electronic products and other electronic technology eliminated products

Municipal Solid Waste: domestic waste, animal carcasses, RDF derivatives, medical waste, biological orange pole, garden garbage

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