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Agate Grade ATH Powder


origin: China
packaging: 25kg/1-1.2mt bag
MOQ: 20


China Agate Grade ATH Powder with High-Quality, Leading Agate Grade ATH Powder Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Agate Grade ATH Powder Factory & Exporters.

The Agate Grade ATH Powder is the best filler for artificial agate: 1, Artificial Agate Grade ATH Filler refractive index of 1.57, close to many resins within the allowable range to maintain the transparency of the refractive index; 2, Agate Grade Aluminum Hydroxide easy to process for the 5 ~ 100μm different application areas need; 3, Artificial Agate Grade ATH Additive has a good flame retardant smoke suppression performance, and to prevent the collective combustion of fibers produce toxic and corrosive gases; 4, Artificial Agate Grade ATH Filler resin curing reaction without interference, good whiteness, the color change may have little effect.

Artificial Agate Grade ATH Filler, Agate Grade Aluminum Hydroxide, Artificial Agate Grade ATH Additive,

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