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Stallion horse tail hair


color: white,black,brown,gray,mixed
size: 4"-36"
type: double drawn single drawn
Price: USD 2.00/kg
MOQ: 10000 kg


Real stallion tail hair is long,elastic,straight,which is suitable to make the instrument bow hair,brushes,false horse tail ,horse hair textile and so on.Qiandong Livestock Product Plant is a professional manufacturer and supplier of animal hair and animal hair further products. We offer pure Mongolian stallion horse tail hair to sell or produce further.

The horse tail hair which is washed clean and combed by hand is tidy in appearance ,uniform in length.

There are two kinds of horse tail hair,one is single drawn ,the other is double drawn.all in color are white,black ,gray,brown,sorrel and so on

We have the ability to dye,bleach,boil and malacia,so we can satisfy the client any need about color,size.

horse tail hair for sale, natural color horse tail hair, natural white horse tail hair,

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Qiandong Livestock Product Plant

supply animal hair and animal hair further production

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