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Hand Operated Dispensing Pump


origin: NINGBO
packaging: Neutral Packing
MOQ: 1000


China Oil Transfer Pump Hand Operated Dispensing Pump with High-Quality, Leading Oil Transfer Pump Hand Operated Dispensing Pump Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Oil Transfer Pump Hand Operated Dispensing Pump Factory & Exporters.

Product Specification: The fluid-operated pump comprises a housing including first and second cylinders (18, 20). First and second pistons (30, 32) are rigidly fixed to each other and situated in their respective cylinders (18, 20), the cylinders alternately receiving pressurized fluid for operating the pump. First and second flexible seals (52, 54) are provided between the pistons (30, 32) and their respective cylinders (18, 20) to define inner and outer chambers (56,58 and 60,62) in each of the cylinders (18, 20). A spool valve (34) movable between a first position for supplying working fluid to the inner chamber (56) of the first cylinder (18) and a second position for supplying working fluid to the inner chamber (58) of the second cylinder (20). Spring loaded balls (48, 50) adapted to fit into grooves (44, 46) of the spool valve (34) are provided for retaining the spool valve in the first and second positions. First and second spring retainers (37) having first and second springs (42) are provided at opposite ends of the spool valve (34) for engagement with the pistons (30, 32) for switching over the spool valve (34) between the first and second positions in response to piston movement. Huishuo can provide you with many kinds of forging factory parts , and all we need is your dimension or drawing. Huishuo devotes ourselves to forging, casting and die casting parts and we have a lot of oversea customers. You can trust us and give us a chance to make your business better. 1) Materials : Carton steel,alloy steel,stainless steel 2)Friction Press Machines : 300Ton~1000Ton 3) Industries Involved : Engineering& Automotive Industries 4) Wall Thickness Requirement : Min 3mm Materials Friction Press Machines Unit WeightRange Min Tolerance Surface Treatments Heat Treatments Carton steel,alloy steel,stainless steel 300Ton~1000Ton 0.5Kg~8kg 0.5mm Pickling oil , Galvanization, Chromeplate, Hot Dip, Galvanizing, Painting, PowderCoating Normalizing, Hardening, Tempering, Nitridation, Carb We can supply forging parts with following test reports : 1)Chemical composition report 2)Tensile strength report 3)Brinell hardness report, Rockwell hardness 4)metallographic structure report 5)Key dimension checking record report 6)Full dimension report 7)Third-party test report We will design each special mold to control key dimensions of steel drop forging part in every process. We can ensure each key dimension under control. Why should you choose Huishuo? 1.Excellent and professional service: We have a high quality sales team including sales staff, quality engineers and technicians. 2.Quality control: The passing rate of finished product is more than 99%. Every product need to be checked by many processes. 3.Comprehensive service: Delivery will be ready within 30 days after receiving your down payment. We have been in this field for 7 years, covering ovearseas market of 30 different countries. Supply all the products with good quality and competitive price. 4.Long term win-win cooperation: A reliable and reputable supplier is a key to your successful business. Huishuo must be the best choice for you! http://www.huishuo-parts.com

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