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From headlights to mufflers, chassis to interiors and everything in between, GRGTEST offers the professional automotive testing and certification services manufacturers and OEMs need to set their products apart.

Automotive products today need to be safe and strong. Is your chassis built to defend against salt spray erosion? How does your engine respond in high altitude? Will your vehicle withstand years of vibration?

Substantiate the durability of the engine or shocks, for example, or collaborate on a build of specific test methods for key areas of product development. Expedite environmental exposure testing for everything from -150°C to 300°C, optimize thermal shock or tensile strength testing, targeted electrical testing, and much more. Automotive testing supports materials testing, performance testing, research and development, safety, and certification.

But GRGTEST offers much more than automotive testing and certification; we are a Total Quality Assurance provider. Through our global network of state-of-the-art facilities and industry-leading technical expertise we provide innovative and bespoke Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification services throughout the operations and distribution chains delivered consistently with precision, pace and passion, enabling our customers to power ahead safely.

Tests We Offer:

· Altitude Simulation

· Automotive Headlamps and Luminaire Testing

· Autonomous Vehicle Testing

· Battery testing

· Bluetooth Testing / WiFi Testing

· Buzz squeak and rattle (BSR)

· Car2X, V2X, V2V and V2I Testing for Short Range Communication

· Chemicals Testing for Automotive

· Design Verification Plan & Report (DVP&R) Services

· Driveline Test (inc. Hybrids)

· Durability testing / Life Cycle

· Dust-settling Method

· Electrical Testing

· EMC – Immunity / Radiation

· Engine Build & Strip

· Engine Dynamometer Testing

· Environmental exposure (-150°C to 300°C)

· EV Systems Testing (eMotors & Charger Stations)

· Failure Mode Verification Testing (FMVT)

· FCC Testing and TCB Services

· Flammability

· Fleet Testing Services

· Fuels / Oils Testing – Engine and Labs

· Functional Safety – Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL)

· Global Automotive Declarable Substances List (GADSL) Service

· High Pressure Spray

· Homologation Testing Services

· Ingress Protection

· Materials Testing / VOC Testing

· Metrology Services

· NDT Testing

· NHTSA Federal Automated Vehicles Policy

· Noise Measurements (sones, dB)

· Rain Simulation/Submersion

· RDE / PEMS Testing

· Salt Fog

· Salt Spray

· Shock Pulses

· Software Assurance Testing for Mobile App Performance

· Telematics Wireless Device Testing (TCUs), CTIA Testing, 4G/LTE Testing and Certification

· Tensile Strength

· Thermal Shock

· Transmission Testing

· Vehicle Fleet Trial / On-road Mileage Accumulation

· Vibration testing

Standards We Test For:


· ASTM B117

· CETP… Ford Catalog

· GMW 3172

· GMW 16390

· IEC 60529

· ISO 16750-4

· ISO 26262


Additional Resources:

Consulting: Project management; Wireless; EV charging stations; Drive by wire; EMC; Signal integrity, power integrity analysis; High speed analog/Digital circuit design; Mixed signal design, RF circuit design; Low noise analog circuit design; Cavity and structural resonance analysis; Interconnect analysis; CST microwave studio, Agilent ADS, HyperLynx; HSPICE, MatLab. Mathcad/Simulink; Sonar system design, Display system design; EMC/EMI simulation and design for EMC; Cadence, Altium Mentor Graphics, PADS; OrCAD, Cadenace SpectraQuest; Switching and linear power supplies design; Design team management

DVP&R Support: Engineer a Design Verification Plan & Report (DVP&R) for your products.

Test Development: Create new test methods based on your specific objectives.

Test Equipment Design: Draft and build customized test equipment available to purchase.

Fixture Design: Originate and build fixtures and support structures needed for testing your products.

Dimensional Analysis: Using GRGTEST’s CMM and 3D scanning/printing capabilities, we can quickly analyze and determine dimensional variances in prototype, production, and CAD models. This service can also be used before and after testing to monitor for dimensional stability.

Data Acquisition/Monitoring: Design and develop systems to collect, monitor, and control data and communications to your products; for example, monitoring/controlling CAN bus data flow, strain gauges, and digital and analog I/O.

CAD and FEA: Enjoy full CAD capabilities, as well as stress analysis capabilities using finite element analysis (FEA).

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