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High Frequency Vacuum Wood Drying Kiln HF Timber Dryer Machine



HF Vacuum Wood Drying Machine is many times faster than traditional kiln dryers. The drying process can range from several hours for thiner, softer woods to several days for thicker, harder woods.
HFVD60-SA features an automatic feeder with a quick, automated drying cycle. It has a 50KW output power high frequency generator, 6 T hydraulic pressure and 13 m3 capacity. It is an ideal dryer for thick hard woods typically used in the furniture and flooring industry.

All models include high-tech Programmable Logic Controllers. The PLC comes with common hardwood presets ready for use. The PLC automates the drying process by starting the hydraulic pump, HF generator, vacuum pump and cooling system.
The cooling system pulls the moisture into an external water tank which can then be drained. The weighing system calculates change data to show the moisture content in the wood.

Our engineers can provide overseas installation, training and are available to provide after-sell service and maintenance. We suggest proper training for safe and prolonging use of the machine.


1) Fast and uniform heating;

2) No sparking & bending & cracking problems;

3) Automatic feeder;

4) Large capacity (Max. 13 CBM / 1.3x1.3x8 m);

5) PLC automated systems with touch screen panel;

6) Suitable for Veneer, panels, softwood and hardwood planks, heavy timber with

large dimension;

7) Patented weighing system, stainless steel cooling system;

8) Spare parts from the Famous Global Brands such as Schneider, Omron, Siemens etc.

Overall Size


7300*2160*2100 mm

High frequency generator

1250*1200*2050 mm

Cooling system

1500*1150*2000 mm

Gross Weight

8 Ton



12 mm

Inside diameter

1700 mm

Max. piling dimension

1000*1000*6000 mm

Max. piling volume

6 cubic meters

HF Generator

Input power

70 KVA

Output power

50 KW

Temperature Testing

Fiber optical temperature sensor

Moisture Testing

Weighing system (PATENT)

Cooling System

Stainless steel condenser with stainless steel water-ring vacuum pump

Drying Type

Full automatic

Hydraulic Cylinders

6 Tons x 4 PCS (stainless steel cylinders)

Vacuum Pump


Stainless steel


7.5 KW

Feeder Type


Kiln Door

Ears Door (more safe and powerful)

Weighing System

Weighing sensors under the kiln (weighing wood everytime)

Control System

Full-auto PLC touch screen

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