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Gravure Proofing Machine


Cylinder Length: 300-4000mm
Cylinder Diameter: 90-450mm
MOQ: 1 Set


HJ-DYJ proofing machine is especially designed for checking the quality of a newly made gravure cylinder before assembling it into the production line. It is equipped with cylinder pneumatic clamping, clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation, rubber roller positioning and movement pneumatic control, and also blade lifting, pressure and angle adjustment system, photo focusing lens, 14 inch monitor, fine tuning of cylinder position so as to guarantee satisfactory printing and precise registration.

The proofing machine is to test and proof rotogravure cylinders after engraving, to check its correct pattern and get customers approval. To proof gravure cylinders used both shafted and hollow cylinders.

High-end proofing machine is a new generation automatic proofing machine upgraded from the old style, which combines the past experience of designer and intelligent CNC technology development. The machine is operated by an industrial touch-screen computer. It adopts imported linear guide, imported bearing ABB dynamo, and SMC pneumatic element. Particularly suitable for plastic, paper, leather, PVC, plastic and plastic packaging printing roller proofing, suitable for gravure business, decoration materials production enterprises, gravure packaging printing enterprises, wallpaper production enterprises, printing ink production enterprises.

1. Proofing speed can be displayed and controlled.
2. Proofing pressure can be displayed and controlled.
3. Squeegee pressure can be displayed and controlled.
4. Squeegee Angle can be displayed and controlled.
5. The proofing success rate is improved, reducing the rework rate.
6. The shallow network transfer rate is improved. More than 3% of network can be transferred.

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