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Copper Polishing Machine


Cylinder Length: 300-4000mm
Cylinder Diameter: 90-450mm
MOQ: 1 Set


Copper Plated Gravure Cylinder Polishing Machine is designed for mirror polishing on copper layer of the gravure cylinder with high efficiency, precision, easy operation. The brightness will be enhanced 10 times which will satisfy the high requirement of engraving.

HJ-TPJ Copper surface polishing machine is developed on the basis of Japanese Copper polishing machine, combined with use experience of designers and modern numerical control technology. In order to ensure the accuracy of the machine, the polishing head adopts rectangular guide rail to ensure the stability of polishing head. The control parts of the machine use operation module control, making it convenient for users to operate. We use the full seal processing machine, thus effectively guarantee the working environment clean and tidy.

1. The highly integrated operation module and CNC control make almost all of the operations convenient.
2. Strengthening the welding frame ensures the collective strength of the equipment.
3. The unique vertical dust removal structure has advantages of good dust removal effect, small volume, ensuring the clean working environment.
4. The walking rail of polishing head is dustproof, ensuring the accuracy of rail.
5. High efficiency. The surface of the polished products is like a mirror.

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