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Fully Automatic Plating Line


Cylinder Length: 300-4000mm
Cylinder Diameter: 90-450mm
MOQ: 1 Set


Electroplating plants include washing machine, nickel plating machine, copper plating machine, chrome plating machine, dechrome machine and degreasing machine.

HJ-DDX electroplating production line can be divided into automatic, semi-automatic and economic types. Automatic production line is composed of copper plating line and chrome plating line. Copper plating line is used to copperizing and chrome plating line is used to chrome coating after gravure cylinder engraving. It implements PLC control or microcomputer program control. Semi-automatic production line achieves the single-machine automatic control program, with the advantages of long service life, convenient maintenance. Eco-production line, which adopts manual control, is the first choice for the small and medium-sized enterprises to improve the quality of products.

The production line adopts Japan Panasonic electronic components and frequency converter. The line is controlled by PLC, realizing full automation. Combined the use experience and the latest intelligent CNC technology, designers design the machine, realizing single-machine PLC control, text display, the whole-line networking and touch screen operation interface.

1. High automatic program; process automation; operation simplification
2. Scientific design; good sealing effect; strong anti-corrosion; attractive appearance
3. Great current, high output
4. Small volume, simple design, easy maintenance
5. High production efficiency, a worker can control one production line

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