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Automatic Dewaxing Autoclave



Dewaxing Autoclave is special designed for removing the wax patterns in the ceramic shell.


• Integrated Chambers

Designed as integration with the steam generator and dewaxing chamber to save space.

The dewaxing chamber is always under a high temperature condition with a short pressure balance time between

the double chambers when the high-temperature steam enters into inner side, and also decreasing moisture

content in the drained wax.

• Advanced Control

With PLC control system to ensure the logical interlock of temperature, pressure, water level, steam in, dwell,

steam out and door operation can be controlled automatically except closing/opening door and placing in/out shell clusters.

And also features with water feeding and stopping automatically, a sound-light alarm for the high-low water level and contactless heating.

Heat recovering unit can be supplied for saving energy with additional cost.

• Good Safety Performance

This machine complies with all the safety regulations of pressure vessel.

It features with seven safeguards including temperature safety control, pressure safety control, safety valve protection, no steam delivering without door-closing in place, the

door is unable to open if there is any residual pressure in the chamber, no steam in when the inner air release valve opens, residual pressure protection of autoclave door.

There is an obvious safety warning board in front of the operating door.

• High-grade Configuration

The key control components are all imported products or supplied by joint venture. And the key valve is imported from UK.

• Energy saving and environment friendly

The outside cover of autoclave is made of new thermal insulation material with a lower heat-contacting coefficient, good thermal barrier effect and decreasing the fuel


• Attractive Appearance

Besides the quality, we also pay special attention to the appearance design and surface treatment for our machines with the characters of reasonable process, advanced

technology, beautiful appearance and fluent colors.


Inside Dimension
Inside Material
Carbon steel or SS304/316L
Carbon steel or SS304/316L
Carbon steel or SS304/316L
Design Temperature
183.2 ℃
183.2 ℃
183.2 ℃
Design Pressure
1.0 MPa
1.0 MPa
1.0 MPa
Dwell Time
060min (adjustable)
060min (adjustable)
060min (adjustable)

Note: We can design the special machines according to the customer’s requirements.

The Automatic Dewaxing Autoclave can fit with an Energy Recovery System with additional cost.

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