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brown fused alumina price

Abrasive Disc

Brand Name: JL brand
material: bauxite
Abrasive Grain Sizes: 16-325mesh
Price: USD 450.00/tons
MOQ: 5 tons


Corundum is a high-grade abrasive grade bauxite as raw material, together with the auxiliary materials, in the electric arc furnace by 2250 ℃ above the high temperature refining, on the basis of the second refining through the high-strength magnetic separator, refractoriness above 1850 ℃.

Place of Origin: Ningxia, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: JL brand

Model Number: Abrasive Disc

Material: bauxite

Usage: abrasive, abrasive, polishing, refractory

Abrasive Grain Sizes: 16-325mesh

Al2O3: 95%

TiO2: 1.5-1.8%

SiO2: 1.5%

Fe2O3: 0.05%

Sample: free

Product Name: brown fused alumina price

Color: brown

Application: Abrasive Refractory Industry

Size: Customer Size

Corundum is a high-grade abrasive grade bauxite as raw material, plus auxiliary materials, in the arc furnace above 2250 degrees of high temperature refining, through high-intensity magnetic separator in the second refining on the basis of the temperature of more than 1850 refractoriness.

Corundum corundum produced by us has the characteristics of high purity, good crystallinity, strong fluidity, low coefficient of linear expansion and corrosion resistance. The product in the process of no explosion, no powder, no cracks in the characteristics, commonly used in abrasives, refractories industry.

Ningxia Jinlin refractories plant long-term production of dense corundum price concessions, quality assurance, high bulk price hotline 08613629566279 Ningxia Jinlin dense corundum corundum melting volume stability of high density, thermal shock resistance, email jlgyabrasive. Linda @ view. Com. Contact person: lindahan



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