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pellet activated carbon

BY-NS-Coal Based Pellet Activated

color: black
size: as your require
type: Water Filter Parts
Price: USD 460.00/ton
MOQ: 3 ton


US $460-1,280 / Ton | 3 Ton/Tons Coal Based Pellet Activated Carbon (Min. Order)
supply [400 Ton/Tons per Week Coal Based Pellet Activated Carbon]
port [Tianjin Shanghai Qindao]

Pellet activated carbon is made from fine wood chips and coconut shells, etc. It is made by crushing, mixing, extrusion, molding, drying, carbonization and activation. The feature is the non-adhesive forming activated carbon technology. Change the traditional method of forming traditional binder such as coal tar and starch. There is no adhesive component, the affinity between the carbon molecules and the special properties of the raw materials themselves. The scientific formulation, made, effectively avoids the carbon hole plugging, fully plays the adsorption function of rich developed carbon hole. The advantages are that the cylindrical activated carbon produced by the use of high quality wood chips and coconut shells is lower than the traditional coal ash, with less impurities, gas phase adsorption value and CTC as the absolute advantage. The product aperture distribution is reasonable, reaching the maximum adsorption and desorption, which can greatly improve the service life of the product (average 2-3 years), 1.4 times the average coal carbon. There are cylindrical and spherical particles and other specifications. Suitable for gas phase adsorption of organic solvent recovery (benzene, toluene, xylene gas, acetone recovery of acetate fiber industry) impurities and harmful gas, gas recovery oil refineries, gas station, oil depot too much gasoline.

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