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CNC aluminum alloy blanking machine, automatic CNC aluminum and copper cutting machine, automatic copper cutting machine



The machine for cutting large amount, high accuracy requirement and development and design. Can be a single or multiple overlapping, and cutting at the same time. Saw cut surface is bright and clean without burr, without secondary processing. Suitable for cutting all kinds of nonferrous metal, aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, copper alloy, plastic material, plastic, PVC, wood, organic glass and carbon fiber material, especially suitable for aluminium and copper electronic parts, heat sink, audio panels, graphics CARDS, network CARDS, CPU, hard disk shell, MP3, U disk aluminum shell, aluminum shell type display equipment, aluminum furniture, aluminum extrusion and precision cutting of different profile.

1. NC controller and touch screen are used for easy operation and fault detection.

2. Automatic feeding, automatic clamping, automatic oil spraying and automatic sawing.

3. Automatic feeding stroke of1400mmcan feed the material to the overpass.

4. Saw blade horizontal saw cutting, suitable for wide and large material processing.

5. High precision ball screw driven by servo motor.

6. Oil production pressure push in the feeding mode, high sawing stability.

7. The fixture on the feeding table is 2 sets of upward pressure and 2 sets of lateral pressure, suitable for irregular material sawing and several pieces of material sawing at the same time.

8. Special cutting action design: after saw blades linear cutting materials, controlled by the air compressor cylinder will work platform, after pulling open saw blades back to the origin. This feature is in the process of machining, in order to avoid material affected by the saw blade knife back and surface smoothness and accuracy are specially designed, so that materials processing surface more smooth and more accurate, precision improved.

9. The processing machine will automatically have no material induction or can choose to set the length of the tail material.

Materials may be placed side by side and overlapped.Special sawing action design feeding mode :1. Feed to cover 2. Manual feeding.



Cutting ability WxH


Servo drive system

Ball screw

The longest feeding trip


Automatic feeding accuracy

±0.1 mm

Saw blade

2000 r.p.m.

Machine motor

10HP( optional 15 HP)

Servomotor horsepower

1 KW

Hydraulic pump motor

3 HP

The touch screen

7 "

Blade size

14"~24" (1" The aperture )

Operating air pressure

6 kg/cm2

Machine dimension

3500 x 2100 x1860 mm

Machine weight

2300 kgs

aluminum automatic cutting machine, aluminum CNC sawing machine, aluminum profile CNC cutting machine,

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