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Disc Angle sawing machine,45 degree Angle aluminum alloy cutting machine



Suitable for cutting all kinds of nonferrous metal, aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, copper alloy, plastic material, plastic, PVC, wood, organic glass (acrylic) and carbon fiber materials, especially suitable for copper and aluminum electronic components, radiator, audio panels, graphics CARDS, network CARDS, CPU, hard disk aluminum shell, MP3 shell, aluminum doors and Windows, picture frames, light boxes, screen, display equipment, line type lamp, aluminum furniture, aluminum extrusion and precision cutting of different profile

● accurate sawing Angle, high precision, smooth cutting surface without burr, high efficiency.

● only foot switch, automatic mechanical pressure, automatic saw material is safe and easy

● hidden saw blade from the bottom up sawing, sawing single or multiple materials at the same time

● the pressing system is driven by precise linear sliding track and controlled by independent air pressure cylinder, with high stability of pressing material (the pressure can be adjusted independently according to the material type to prevent material damage caused by heavy pressure)

● press height and speed and saw cutting height and speed can be set according to material size and thickness.

● precision forced oil injection system, improve lubrication and cooling effect, reduce failure rate and prolong blade life

● can do ± 0~45 degrees arbitrary Angle saws, Angle adjustment convenient and accurate.

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Dongguan Zeguan Machinery Co., Ltd.

Production metal cutting machine:Metal circular saw machine, saw machine, aluminum and copper cutting machine, aluminum cutting machine, steel pipe cutting machine

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