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hot metal ladle rail mounted transfer cart manufacturer

Price: USD 5000.00/1


1Product description

The ladle transfer cart is specially designed to transfer the high-temperature ladle, Owing to its strict requirement on safety & anti-high temperature, so material, driving system & electrical parts will be specially designed. In order to prevent spattering of molten steel or steel slag and reduce inertia, the Rail Ladle Transfer Car motor designed for slow start and stop. what’s more, the hot metal ladle transfer car body is equipped with heat insulation material to hinder the inclusion from high temperature radiation. A dual transmission system is adopted of the Explosion-proof, High Temperature and Infinite Operation of Steel Ladle Transfer Cart to ensure that one set of systems can complete a working cycle in the event of failure of the other.

2Application sites

It is widely used in the transfer of heavy materials or equipment such as factories, shipyards, warehouses, steel plants, aluminum plants, plastic pipe plants.


Rail Transfer Trolley l is Anti-high temperature, Anti-high explosion;

Ferry transfer cart can be powered by battery, low voltage rail, cable drum, trailing cable;

It is Stable, Flexible, Efficient;

Safe and convenient operation is available;

Wired connection and wireless control, can also assemble a PLC system for fully automated operation;

High using frequency on rail continuous work for 24 hours;

4Company profile

HENAN Perfect Handling Equipment are a collection of reasearch and development,design,manufacuring as one of professional internatinonal company of handling equipment.

Our company specialized 15 years,getting 8 national we have the best quality and the lowest price.

Looking forward to your cooperation.

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