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RO bactericide

Price: USD 3.00/kg
MOQ: 1 kg


Model No.PT-BIO 900
Vibrant formula that uses advanced technology to synthesize a highly effective and broad-spectrum bactericide to control the growth of microorganisms in the entire reverse osmosis system.
Not only effectively control the growth of microorganisms in cellulose acetate film and composite film in reverse osmosis system, but also control the growth of microorganisms in all related equipment, like all interface parts such as water supply tank, multi-media filter, activated carbon filter, super Filtration system, pre-filter / water tank, piping and valves;
Bactericidal ability: non-oxidizing bactericide with rapid antibiotic effect;
Compatibility: compatible with all type of films;
Broad Spectrum: can effectively kill algae, bacteria and fungi;
Toxicity: Easy to be biodegraded into non-toxic and non-polluting substances;

Physical Properties

Appearance:Colorless to light yellow liquid

Density (20 °C):1.05±0.05 g/cm3


Packaging and Storage

25kg/drum,seal and cool;

Expire Date: 3 years

Details please take MSDS and COA as reference.

RO biocides, bactericide, biocide,

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