screw sample vial


2ml clear screw top vial with patch (9-425 screw thread sample vial)

"Product Description:

①Model Number: HM-0715

②Packaging Details:100 pieces in 1 box (Min. Order)

③Material: 2ml clear screw top vial with patch (9-425 screw thread sample vial) (11.6*32mm) is made out of USP 1 glass; And having a flat bottom / having a writing label and scales

④Matching accessories

Matching vial/bottle/tube:


Matching cap with septa (assembled):

HM-0722, HM-0720, HM-2076, HM-0723, HM-0724, HM-0722F, HM-0722G, HM-0720B, HM-0722Z, HM-2076Z, HM-0723Z

Matching cap (separated):

HM-0728, HM-0728B

Matching septa (separated):

HM-0731, HM-0730, HM-0734, HM-0735, HM-0732, HM-0733, HM-0736, HM-2074

Matching insert:

HM-0559, HM-3377, HM-2085, HM-1270, HM-0549

Matching crimper and decapper:


⑤Fits for

Agilent (HP): 8042, 1050, 1100, 1084, 7670A, 7671A, 7672, 1042, 1090, 1082, 7673Ⅰ, 7673Ⅱ, 1080, 5890, 6890

Shimadzu: SIL-l0A, l0Ai, l0Axl

Perkin Elmer: Autosystem GC, ISS 100, ISS 200, LC-600 42 Vial Tray

Varian: 8100/8200, Mararton

Waters: 2690

Thermo: √


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