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Octagonal-shaped flavoring machine: TW80/50-BJ

This equipment is widely used in food flavoring and material mixing. It is mainly used in powdered and mixing after food finish fried, or mixing the sugar before frying or baking etc.. Octagonal-shaped tank’s angle and the rolling speed can be adjustable, and there is hopper bucket in front of the machine, which used for guarantee prepared the same quantity material into octagonal tank.

Technical parameter:
Outer dimension:2110mm*1150mm*1610mm
Effective dimension:φ800mm*600mm
Power Supply:380V/50 HZ
Rated power:0.75kw
Weight of whole machine:230kg

Octagonal-shaped flavoring machine


Schematic diagram (Reference Only)

Equipment Function:
1、 Mixing the accurate weighting material and flavors inside the Octagonal-shaped flavoring machine
2、 Use multi batch, batching type feeding and mixing model, realize continuous working status.
3、 Use pneumatic device to realize automatic feeding and discharging.
4、 Equipped with one set single base electromagnetism vibration flouring machine, joined together with vertical spiral type powder feeding machine, flouring the powder into material during the rotation of mixing tank.
5、0.75kw/380v/50Hz Power supply: 0.75kw/380v/50Hz

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