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Treated and Untreated Fluff Wood Pulp raw materials for Baby Diaper, Adult diaper,under pad and Sanitary Napkin Making


Price: USD 1000.00/1 Ton


1. Sheet Size cheap white 100% wood pulp a4 bulk copy paper : 210mm x 297mm, International Size A4
2. Quality: Imported 100% Virgin Wood Pulp
3. Whiteness = 102-104% , Natural White
4. Capability: High Speed Copying100ppm, Laser
5. Capable, Inkjet Capable, Fax Capable.
6. Thickness: 103-110 um
7. Surface roughness TS ml/ min: 75-175
8. Surface roughness BS ml/ min: 100-200
9. Bending stiffness MD: > 110 Mn
10. Bending stiffness CD: > 50 Mn
11. CIE whiteness: 148-152
12. Cobb Test: 27-33 g/ m2 27-33

Fluff pulp (also called communication pulp or fluffy pulp) is a type of chemical pulp made from long fiber softwoods. important parameters for fluff pulp are bulk and water absorbency.

More than 90% of the fluff pulps are fully bleached chemical softwood pulps, of which more than 90% are pulps.

The most common raw material source for fluff pulps are southern bleached softwood kraft (SBSK) from slash pine. SBSK from other species and NBSK are also used to make fluff pulp..

Thicker fibers are preferred to improve the bulk. The pulp may be impregnated with de bonders before drying to ease defibration. Fluff pulp is normally made rolls (reels) on a drying machine (a simplified Fourdrinier machine). The worldwide production of fluff pulps amounts to about 3.5 million tons.

pulps are used as raw material in the absorbent core of personal care products such as diapers, feminine hygiene products, air-laid absorbent toweling, as such or with super absorbents and/or synthetical fibers. More than 80% of the pulps are used in baby diapers.

The most demanding application of fluff pulps is in air-laid products, used in serving utensils, various towel applications in homes, in the industry and in hospitals. Fluff pulp for air-laid products are defibrized in a hammer mill. defibration is the process of freeing the fibers from each other before entering the paper machine. important parameters for dry defibration are shredding energy and knot content.

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