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SFj-1 Yam Beater Equipment

packaging: Carton
MOQ: 60


China SFj-1 Yam Beater with High-Quality, Leading SFj-1 Yam Beater Manufacturers & Suppliers, find SFj-1 Yam Beater Factory & Exporters.

At present, there are various types of potato processing machinery on the market. Easy-to-use potato refining separator and pulp residue separator. It mainly extracts starch contained in agricultural products, can complete slag, starch slurry separation, energy saving, automatic water supply, potato feeding, crushing, separation, slag discharge, and slurry Separation, starch purity, slag does not contain slag skin, slag, butyl. The thorn roller with water work, shortening the oxidation reaction in the air of slag slurry, improve the whiteness of starch. Motor: 7.5 kW motor or 12 hp diesel engine, motor speed: 1400 rpm Motor wheel: 150mm Rated voltage: 380V Production capacity: (kg / hour); yam: 1500. "Installation and use method: In any form, the machine should be balanced. Just like the four-wheel tractor is used, the bracket is installed on the large frame of the machine head, and the bolts are tightened after adjustment to prevent the whole machine from vibrating during operation. Should balance with the supporting power, can not be left and right balance. After the installation of the power machinery, first add water to the water supply system position. After the water supply is turned on, it can be turned on, in the working state, stone, sand, wood, nails are strictly prohibited. If the hard object enters the body, it will damage the ratchet and the body. If it is found that the starch contains starch, the mesh screen should be replaced, or the surface of the mesh screen may be blocked by the slag. It is necessary to remove the sputum and clean it. It can still be used. Use wear, will reduce the efficiency of the material, should be removed and replaced. Separator parking annual maintenance, should be removed parts oiling, brushing precautions: when installing, please pay attention to the direction of rotation

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