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f Insulated Fiber Cement Board

origin: CHINA
packaging: PALLETS
MOQ: 1000


Reinforced FIBER CEMENT BOARD "Iron Crown" fiber cement board is a kind of high-density multi-functional building material. Its main components are cement, natural organic fibre and artificial fiber and other assistant materials. Due to difference of process, it can be divided into wool-contained fiber cement board and non-wool fiber cement board. It owns excellent machining performance. The installation method is as easy as the wood Specification Specifications and Exterior appearance Thickness 4-24mm Dimensions 1200mm*2400mm 1220mm*2440mm Color Gray Tolerance Length,width:±3mm Thickness: ±0.2mm Opposite angle line: ≤5mm Basic property Density 1.7g/cm3 Bending strength 19.5MPa Typical moisture content 6% Drying shrinkage 0.26% Moisture movement 0.06% Impact strength 6.2KJ/m2 Pullput force of Screw 37.1N/mm Non combustible performance According to GB8624-1997,Combustibility is A1 Class Fire rating limited >4Hours Thermal Coefficient 0.27W/(m.k) Fiber cement board products characteristics and performance: 1,Fire-proof:Incombustible A1, the boards not burning in firesite, won't produce any poisonous gas. 2,Damproof: In the open air, high humidity environment, the board still can keep stable performance. 3,Sound & heat insulation : low heat conductivity, good heat insulation. 4, High strength: Not cracking, not broken, good impact resistant. 5, Safe, non-toxic, non-radioactive, in line with the state`s building materials radioactive protection standards. 6,Secondary processing with good performance: the fiber cement board can be cutting, drilling, carving, painting,stickup ceramic tile, wall paper, etc. Range of Application: Attic panel for loft steel structure; exterior wall cladding panels; Interior wall partition board; External & interior insulation composite panels; floor plates; curtain wall scaleboard; Noise barriers plate at the railway; waterproof wall in the kitchen or wash room; decoration board for Interiors & Exteriors wall; Explosion-proof fireproof board roof sheathing. Production line package and shipment Warmly welcome you visit our factory and cooperate for our mutual benefit! http://www.shbmsupplier.com

Damp Proof Sound Insulation, Heat Insulation Non-toxic Non-radioactive, 4mm--20mm Different Thickness,

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