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Insulation Mgo Roofing Sheets

origin: Hebei, China


What is MGO roofing sheets ? Iron Crown Fire proof Mgo roofing sheet is a new kind of energy-saving,ECO Friendly Roof Sheets. The roofing sheet is made of several kinds of inorganic chemical materials, line processing and combined.It was made of a MgO , MgCl2,talcum powder,fiber glass cloth,and other fireproof materials. Sectional Drawing Sectional drawing Specification Length:1800mm 2000mm 2400mm 3000mm 5800mm Width:960±5mm 720±5mm Thickness:5.0±0.5mm 4.0±0.5mm Weight:10.5-11kg/meter The roofing sheet can be made in different sizes according to customers`requirements. Loading:20ft container 27tons 2350meters Middle wave profile Big wave profile Three series of roofing sheets (1 )MGO Glazed roofing sheets Its mainly color is whitebeige, this kind of tiles usually be used as the simple buildings, This kind of roofing tiles could be used about more than 10 years. Its cost is low. (2) PET combined MgO roofing sheets PET membrane is a kind of anti-aging film, this kind of tiles could be in different color according to your require.The performance of UV blocking, corrosion resistant and servicelife is longer. This kind tiles could be used more than 20 years. (3) Aluminium Foilcombined MgO Roofing sheets The surface is Aluminiumfoil. Its performance of anti corrosion, UV blocking and Acid &alkali resistance is the best. The Aluminium foil MgO roofing tiles couldbe used more than 30 years. Features and Performance Advantages --There are many features,such as high strength,fire-proof,heat-insulation,corrosion resistant, acid&alkali resistant,anti-aging,shock resistant,long service. --The MGO roofing sheets could be processed by saw,nails,drilling ,installed simply and quickly,save material cost and labor cost. Application and projects The high performance characteristics make the MGO roofing tiles suitable for being used in the roof application of high temperature,high corrosion industry,such as chemical plant ,feeding farms, casting factory,work shop,warehouse,market shed,garage,apartment,residence,etc. Project Name: Tieying Pharmaceutical Workshop Project Name:Huishang Dairy Breeding base Production line and equipment Contact me Relevant : We have producted the other insulation materials.Such as:Magnesium Oxide Board,Fiber Cement Board,etc. If you need, please contact us.

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