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HHXG Electric Chain Hoists



 Compact and durable figure, small in size/dimension limit and light in dead weight
 Beautiful and reasonable appearances, unique design by professional workers
 With reliable and strong electro-magnetic DC-brake is intended for ensuring safety
 High quality, high in work rank with efficient, and low energy consumption
 Tough and heavy-duty motor provides high efficient to our operators and customers
 Adopt the compressed steel construction shell which is very firm and dexterous
 Convenient and easy operation with low headroom and long lifespan of our products
 Equipped With grounded 3-prong plug for easy installation in any standard outlet
 Reasonable and novel structure with the advanced and adult technology
 Adopt protection system to prevent dust and water from our electric chain hoists
 Stamped steel housing provides portability to the load assignments and easy to carry
 Adopt high-quality complete light aluminum alloy shell and high heat dissipation
 Wit

HHXG Electric Chain Hoists with thermal motor protection standard to prevent overheating and operated by a two-button up/down switch are designed for lifting the weight to facilitate work or repairing large machines. The aluminum die cast body of HHGX electric chain hoists is designed for environments where noise levels must be kept to a minimum. Besides, HHXG electric chain hoists have high intensity of components and spare parts which featured with high intensity and sound durability and adopt advanced alloy steel with multi special heat and treatment machining.

The design inspiration of our products comes from elephant electric chain hoists, and compared with original electric chain hoists, they have much lower price. With elegant, firm and durable chain bag, the HHXG electric chain hoists have power supply phase protection device which will be automatically locked the power supply once the phase get wrong so that it can prevent the traversing move. They have many advantages such as processed of advanced alloy steel material, heat treatment so that they have high strength and good wear resistance. Furthermore, HHXG electric chain hoists have position limit device and strong power supply which will be automatically cut and the hook will stopped moving immediately when the hook goes up or down to the limit place. They are fully enclosed within a powder-coated steel plate housing that is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.

The motor of HHXG electric chain hoists is insulated to resist heat damage and the plug-in cord on this hoist is designed to connect to the motorized hoist trolley without requiring electrical work for plug-and-play mobility. They demand relatively small amounts of force to lift, lower, and move heavy loads so they have excellent performance and comfortable operation. What’s more, the mechanism of HHXG electric chain hoists typically consist of an electric-powered motor, drive shaft and gear set, and a chain, with a hook attached to it for lifting loads.

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