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CPT Electric Chain Hoists



 Light weight, reliable and durable shell, small volume in size but with high strength
 Manufactured and tested by experts, to comply with high standards and best electrics
 Good safety, high reliability, low trouble rate with excellent and outstanding performance
 Low noise, environmental-friendly with strong overload capacity, and high efficient
 Equipped with large braking moment and rich operation of integral type button cable
 Adopt low pressured design and completely make the provision against a rainy day
 Our products are adaptable to suit wide beams, and highly meet customers’ requirements
 Compact and sturdy structure with complete polishing procedures and high precision
 Good-quality disc electromagnetic brakes’ service life can reach more than 1 million times
 Offering waterproof, light and durable switching control for operators’ safety and security
 Low maintenance, and our products are also available no matter in single or dual speed
 Specially des

CPT electric chain hoists are made from strong alloy iron and processed by strict inspection adopt completely enclosed design and the entire mechanism for providing the most comfortable operation and performance. CPT electric chain hoists have a good reputation for excellent in design with many years for proven reliability and extensive operating range. All the CPT electric hoists adopt plastic plating through using advanced plastic technology inside and outside that it looks like a new one after years of operation a testing.

CPT electric chain hoists adopt Japanese Hitachi technology. And Hitachi’s fame in quality, reliability, performance and design has made this brand famous all over the world, and become a global market leader. The main components of CPT electric chain hoists are all made of high-class alloy steel with high precision and security, including the motor, dual brake system, gears, rotating parts and electrical system which can be operated under different situations even in the severe conditions. Also, CPT electric chain hoists are equipped with disc type electromagnetic brake system and contactor for extended longevity and great durability. What’s more, the surface of CPT electric chain hoists is 3 layers of staving varnishing painting by best painting technic to keep shining and durable. Furthermore, every unit of hoists is equipped with electro-mechanical overload limiting functions, which absolutely ensure the operations’ safety. And all pacific models are designed and manufactured to completely comply with the standard of AS1418.2.

Their robust design of this kind of hoists makes them a first choice for many customers all over the globe and the rugged steel plate build of CPT electric chain hoists ensures every unit safe to use outdoors and in a variety of environments. Besides, the 24V push button pendant controller benefits users with safe operation. All electrics system we use such as cables, contactors, transformers, push button switch are produced professionally by best famous electrics factory in china with ISO and CE international certifications. Different types and specifications are available to be customized to absolutely meet customers’ different requirements. Due to the chain container, it provides the space and safe room for storing the chains. There is one thing that to mention that the operation environment should be in location with an ambient temperatures for -10 ℃ to 40 ℃ with no freezing and humanity of 90% or less, and in this circumstance the hoists can work longer and better. What’s more, our electric chain hoists have the special trolley arrangements and low headroom hoist, which are very suitable for tight headroom applications.

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