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HHB Electric Chain Hoists



 Compact and high efficient motor with convenient and easy operation, asbestos free brake
 With overloading safety protection, dust and water protect components of electric chain hoists
 Light weight, compact and solid body case and chain bucket, as well as dual braking system
 Own the smart and beautiful appearance, unique and compact design by professional workers
 High quality, great reliability and long durability, fast lifting speed and convenient operation
 Optional wireless remote controller can completely and fully meet customers’ requirements
 Most tensile safety top and bottom hooks with safety latches without break but high strength
 Super strong surface hardened chain make the hoists can efficiently lift heavier goods
 Equipped with excellent and outstanding suspension hook, push, geared or electric trolley
 Push buttons are with 24V low voltage to high guarantee the safety of operators and works
 Both single speed and double speed are available for co

HHB Electric chain hoists are the new style and effective equipment for lifting, transmission, which can improve working condition and highly enhance labor efficiency. The unique overloading safety protection setting and electrical machine hot protection setting of electric chain hoists make sure of the higher reliability and safety. Thanks to HHB electric chain hoists’ D.C. normal close brake without asbestos, once the motor stop, and the brake can hold the load safely and timely. And with the high tensile aluminum alloy cover, the HHB electric chain hoists are light in construction and have the quality of strong corrosion resistance.

HHB Electric chain hoists are intended for general industrial use in the lifting and transporting of freely suspend material loads within its rated capacity. Prior to installation and operation, we caution that the users to review his application for abnormal environmental or handling conditions and to observe the applicable recommendation. And HHB electric chain hoists have a large amount of advantages such as fast lifting, convenient operation and beautiful appearance. They are developed by combing the high technologies, skillful and experienced workers. We can provide not only amazing products but also special ones designed at requests to meet customers’ requirements. And the sample order and trail order are acceptable.

When it comes to operation, remember to test with a light load for proper function after repair of hoist and make sure that all mechanism operates properly with a light load, and then apply 100% of rated capacity. What’s more, operators have to inspect the related items at 30–day intervals. And make sure all supporting structures and attaching devices are strong enough to hold your intended loads. Besides, installation area must provide proper operating conditions for the operator including sufficient room for the operators and other personal to stand clear of the load at all times.

The hook latch of HHB electric chain hoists is used for preventing the slings from coming off and not for loading, and any damaged or improperly working hook latch shall be replaced immediately for further use of HHB electric chain hoists. For the maintenance, the periods between inspections will vary due to the wide range of duty cycle and operating conditions. The following inspections periods area based on average duty with single shift operation (20-25% on time and 100-150%times/hour starts) under normal environmental condition. If the hoists are used in heavier applications or under adverse environmental conditions, they are supposed to inspect more frequently. What’s more, our products are also equipped with inverse phase sequence protecting device, a particular installation, which has the function of controlling the electric circuit to stop to operate, and prevent wiring error in the power supply from load assignments.

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