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2 core two-color flower line

RVS 2*0.5mm2

origin: CHINA
packaging: Bagged
MOQ: 50


China 2 core two-color flower line with High-Quality, Leading 2 core two-color flower line Manufacturers & Suppliers, find 2 core two-color flower line Factory & Exporters.

Whether imported: No, brand: SHUAIHE, model: RVS, Wire core insulation material: PVC core conductor material: pure oxygen-free copper core number: 2 Single wire nominal diameter: 0.17 sheath material: PVC (polyvinyl chloride) wire max.OD: 2.5/5 (mm), Sheath thickness: 1 (mm) product certification: CCC, processing customization: Yes, Scope of application: Household lamp socket line, Resistance: Low resistance, length of each roll: 100 (m), Whether for foreign trade: no, Color: red-blue, and white, cable type: power cord, Nominal cross-sectional area: 0.5mm2, Weight: 2.2 Product structure: (1).High precision oxygen free copper high conductivity Super-current load capacity, the use of imported copper, pure copper, good conductivity, low resistivity 99.99% copper content. (2).imported PC flame retardant and low smoke Flame-retardant insulation layer using flame-retardant polyethylene PC material, with good flexibility is not easy to break, instantly extinguished from the open flame, resulting in little white smoke. (3).Low eccentricity thickness uniformity Using advanced equipment to ensure the low eccentricity of the wire, uniform thickness, prevent breakdown, and ensure safe use of electricity. Glue line RVS2*0.5 square twisted pair pure copper 2 core two-color flower line Usage of RVS twisted pair: 1. It is mostly used for the detector circuit of the fire alarm automatic alarm system. 2. Suitable for household appliances, small power tools, instrumentation and power lighting. Double white core is used for direct connection to the lamp line; red and blue core is used for fire protection, alarm, etc.; red and white core is used for broadcasting and telephone line; red and black core is used for broadcasting line. 3. Used to connect audio signals, which is transmit by amplifiers,audio equipment and broadcasting systems, and the audio signals is enlarged by amplifiers.

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